My name is Wendy Moore, avid fitness enthusiast and self-taught cook. In 2009, my journey for health and wellness began with my passion for running. My effort to become healthier turned into a need to be more competitive and improve my race times and pace. Over the course of time, this led to several overuse injuries. Being sidelined from running and someone that constantly needs to have a goal, I took up weight lifting. A trainer at my gym encouraged me to try bodybuilding. In 2010, I competed twice in figure competitions. After realizing that this lifestyle was leading me to obsessive calorie/macro tracking, overtraining, and several health issues, I hung up the competition shoes in an effort to truly balance my health and fitness. My hormones, stress level and lack of sleep eventually caught up with me. This went on for almost 2 1/2yrs.

About Me, Wendy Moore, Moore Ways to WellnessIn May 2013, I had a very serious health scare. I was diagnosed with a brain stem Cavernoma. Cavernomas are blood-filled clusters of vessels that look like dilated veins (caverns). They occur in about one in 200 people and are usually solitary (most people are born with them and have no idea they have one until a bleed occurs). Some cavornomas are asymptomatic. Mine chose to surface in the form of numbness and tingling in the left side of my body. Surgery is not an option for me since the location is an area doctors define as “prime real estate” – the brain stem. I was forced to take a very hard look at how I was living my life. I began to focus on several key areas: my work/life balance, gym activity, nutrition, relationship with family, friends and my “me time.” I took 4 months off from the gym to allow my body to heal and recover. I was already a very clean eater however I made a more conscious effort to focus on whole foods, plenty of vegetables and healthy fats. I took the approach to heal my body through proper nutrition.



With plenty of downtime from work this allowed me to do some serious soul searching. I came upon my true calling—“helping others.” I enrolled in the Integrative Institute for Nutrition in July 2013. My decision to become a health coach was such an easy one for me. I was already the go to person for friends and family when it came to nutrition, training and healthy clean recipe suggestions. I spent a year focused on getting well and learning from some of the best health and wellness experts in the industry.

Today I am still in the process of healing. That never ends.


  • Penn State University, B.S Marketing
  • Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coaching Program Health Coaching Certification, AADP Accreditation,2014



My vision is to guide you to optimal health and well-being, gain energy, and have a better body image. You will learn to love, appreciate and respect your body through proper nutrition and exercise without rigid dieting, discipline and deprivation but through a powerfully compassionate approach to self-care. I am grateful every day for the opportunity to share my passion for health with family, friends and clients.

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