My Favorite Healthy Finds at Aldi

Hey friends! I thought I’d take a break from my regular Friday Food Finds post, and instead, share with you all about the favorite things in my cart lately at one of my favorite places to shop- Aldi.

I admit it; it took me a while before I stepped foot in an Aldi for the first time, despite the fact that I used to live less than ten miles from one. For many years the chain had the reputation for selling low quality products; thankfully that’s gone by the wayside. In fact, Aldi is clean, very well laid out, and chock-full of healthy products that carry the store’s generic brand logos along with a few branded products. Not only are the prices at Aldi unbeatable, but they have so many products that are absolutely health coach approved.

Aldi Finds

Alright, let’s get on to the good stuff! Here are some of my favorite healthy picks! And guess what, they are all less than $5!

Beet Hummus

I found a new favorite hummus! Little Salad Bar Beet Hummus. At most grocery stores, hummus sells for around $4 to $6 per tub. This is an incredible buy at $1.89. Beets are one of my favorite vegetables so needless to say this jumped right into my cart!

Aldi Finds, Beet Hummus

Silver Hills Sprouted Breads

I’m a HUGE fan of Silver Hills Bakery so you can only imagine my surprise when I came across them at Aldi. They had two varieties to choose from- The Big 16 and Mack’s Flax. I’ve only tried their Little Big Bread before which is absolutely delicious. To find Silver Hills for $3.49 a loaf is almost unheard of! At that price, I picked up one loaf of each.

Perfect Bar

I hit the jackpot when I found Perfect Bar in the store! Even though they only had two flavors – Peanut Butter and Dark Chocolate Chip Peanut Butter; I stocked up on five of each. Quite the deal at $1.89 considering most grocery stores sell them for $2.50-3.00 a bar. If you’re a fan of Perfect Bar run to your nearest one for this deal- I guarantee they won’t be there for long.


Creamy Cashew Butter

Another thing to add to your healthy Aldi grocery list are their nut butters. Simply Nature Cashew Butter not only has a short ingredient list, it’s super creamy and an absolute deal at $4.49 for a 12 ounce jar. Proceed with caution around this cashew butter because you will want to eat the whole jar in one sitting! As a side note, they also have an organic almond butter and a peanut butter with flax and chia seed that I plan to pick up next time.



If you’re a big produce person, Aldi will offer you the best bang for your buck. You will be sure to find healthy options at sometimes nearly half the price! If I’m ever stocking up on fruit and veggies. this is where you’ll find me! I stocked up on sweet potatoes – 4 pounds for $1.89!

And also on these mini avocados at $2.99 a bag!

Riced Cauliflower

Riced Cauliflower is such a huge staple in my diet. It’s SO versatile and can be used as a substitute for rice in so many recipes. I go through at least 2-3 bags a week. At $1.89 a bag, I stuffed my freezer with a dozen of these beauties!

Chicken Apple Sausage

These chicken sausages are a lazy cook’s dream come true. They come already cooked and are made with the most basic ingredients — without fillers or unnecessary additives. For just under $3 a pack, these are the perfect staple to keep around the house for quick dinners. You can chop them up and sauté them into an omelette, add them to pasta sauce, or place them atop a homemade personal pizza.

Chia Seeds

Chia seeds can be used as a nutrient-packed ingredient in everything from jams to puddings, and Aldi offers them at an excellent price – $3.49 for 12 ounces. Since I’m all about the homemade chia jams lately, you just know that I grabbed a few bags. They also have some great deals on hemp and flax seeds too!


Sundae Shoppe- Low Fat Ice Cream

Let’s not forget dessert! Aldi has $3 pints of ice cream that seem to be a knockoff of Halo Top, called “Sundae Shoppe Low Fat Ice Cream.” They’re primarily sweetened with erythritol and have the same calorie content as the competitor. My Aldi only carries the vanilla bean and chocolate but I’ve heard they also have a mint chocolate chip.

Give Aldi A Try!

Whether you are a health-nut, snack fanatic, or just could go to save a few dollars on your next grocery haul, Aldi has something for everyone. Check it out for yourself; you won’t be sorry and neither will your wallet!

Have you ever shopped in Aldi before? What are some of your favorite Aldi finds? Please share – I would love to hear from you!

4 Responses to My Favorite Healthy Finds at Aldi

    • I believe Aldi is popping up more and more across the U.S.- I’m really surprised there are none in your local area!

  1. Oh my gosh, I am so jealous! I loved this Friday Food Find. I don’t have an Aldi near me but always shopped there when I lived in Iowa. I am most jealous of the riced cauliflower deal, wow! And those chicken sausages I bet you saved loads of money.

    • Thank you Jo! I love changing up the theme every now and then. Keep you eye out for a part two of this! I found so many amazing goodies at such a great price! The cauliflower rice was a steal and quite the deal!! Perfect for stocking up!

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