Friday Food Finds- August Snack Attack!

Happy Friday friends! The first few days of this week absolutely crawled by for me and then bam on Wednesday afternoon the rest of the week passed by in a flash and here we are at Friday!

But before the weekend begins, it’s time for this week’s Friday Food Finds. This week I’m sharing some new food finds from companies I came across recently that I’m very excited to share with my readers.

Carve Bars

CARVE BARI found this unique company on Instagram. I loved their Take it or Bake It concept and needed to try one of their bars for myself. The CARVE bar is unique, being the only of it’s kind. Try this delicious bar one of three ways….TAKE IT and eat it now as a high protein bar…… BAKE IT into bite size cookies…..or CHILL IT for a cool cookie dough treat ! The CARVE bar is made with only 7 ingredients. Made with non GMO / Gluten free premium ingredients. Upon opening the bar, I found it be very easy to work with. Instead of just eating the bar I decided to make a chocolate chip cookie. I warmed the bar slightly in the microwave and shaped it into a cookie. I baked it for about 5 minutes and topped it with some Vanilla Maple Arctic Zero ice cream and the mandatory sprinkles. Perfect evening treat!

Visit them online at Carve Bar or follow them on social media: Instagram and Facebook.

Living Nutz

Living Nutz was kind enough to send me a sample of their flavored nuts. I was beyond thrilled to find out that I was able to try 2 of their different flavors the Vegan Cheezy and Tahitian Vanilla Coco Creme Walnuts. The Living Nutz company began in 2002 with a core purpose, to create the best tasting Certified Organic raw food gourmet treats on the planet! Their approach is simple as their intentions were to make an easy to digest organic treat with the most amazing tastes that exist today! They believe in minimally processed and raw foods. Which is why they do NOT roast their nuts. Roasting nuts changes the healthy oils into unhealthy oils and will cause a breakdown of their fats and the production of free radicals.  All of their nut products are certified organic by USDA and MOFGA.


I quickly ripped open each packet to sample and then one by one proclaimed it to be my favorite. Picking just one flavor is impossible. The I Love Vegan Cheezy Almonds lived up to their name. The great taste of cheese but completely VEGAN!  These would add the perfect crunch to a salad.  Ingredients: (CERT. ORGANIC): Almonds, Pumpkin Seeds, Red Pepper, Olive Oil, Gluten-free Tamari, Lemon, Celtic Sea Salt. 3oz





LIVING NUTZ TAHITIAN VANILLA COCO CREME WALNUTSUp next was the Tahitian Vanilla Coco Creme Walnuts.  I was blown away by this flavor. I love walnuts to begin with but the exotic flavor of the vanilla was amazing. I used these as a topping on greek yogurt and ice cream. This is my top pick for Friday Food Finds! I declare this flavor to be my favorite! Ingredients (Certified Organic): walnutz, coconut, dates, raw honey, agave, whole vanilla beans , Mesquite, celtic sea salt. 3oz Salt.

Find Living Nutz on their website or on Facebook and Twitter.


Think Jerky

THINK JERKY GINGER ORANGEThink Jerky is a Chicago start-up company with flavors like Ginger-Orange and Sweet Chipotle Beef Jerky, and Siracha and “Thanksgiving” Turkey Jerky. I was sent a sample of Think Jerky’s Grass Fed Beef Jerky in the Ginger Orange flavor try. This flavor is the brainchild of Chef Gale Gand.  Laurent Gras and Matt Troost are also in on this collaboration and have some of their own flavors that will be available this fall. Chef Matt Troost crafted a sweet chipotle grass-fed beef jerky and Chef Laurent Gras crafted a Thanksgiving free-range turkey jerky. All of the flavors sound incredible.

The jerky has not yet been released so I feel very lucky to be able to sample it in the early stages. I have not tried a sweet and savory beef jerky before let alone one that was grass fed. The flavor was amazing and not overpowering at all. With each bite I could taste the subtleties of the orange citrus flavor and ginger.  I would highly recommend giving this jerky a try once it’s released!

They are planning for an official launch in November.  In the meantime, check out their website and social media sites Facebook and Instagram to follow along with them in their journey.


Detour Simple


It’s not a secret that I have a bit of a bar obsession. No shame in my game! Detour was kind enough to send me a box of their Chocolate Chip Caramel Detour Simple bars to sample. Started by an Olympian, Detour’s mission has always been to bring the nutritional know-how of elite athletes to fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

When a protein bar tastes like dessert, it typically has the nutritional stats of dessert. Definitely not with this bar. The Detour Simple bars have only 4 grams of sugar.  Each bite contained caramel and chocolate chips- pure bliss! Also, I can pronounce and recognize all the ingredients in these bars! They are also gluten free, non GMO, and contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners! Right now I’m on the search for their new Coconut Almond Smart Bar- no luck yet! Find Detour online and also on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


What are your go to snacks? Are you bar obsessed – which have you tried lately? Please share- I would love to hear from you!


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