Friday Food Finds – Dive Bar Nutrition Review

Happy Friday friends! Getting packages in the mail always feels like Christmas, am I right? I was thrilled when I connected with Phil Capone about trying Dive Bar. Today I’m sharing my review for two of their flavors! Hope you’re you ready to Dive in! 

About Dive Bar…

Phil Capone, CEO of Dive Bar, realized the public’s need for an energy bar that was part sports drink, part protein shake, and totally delicious. A year later, after dozens of recipes and hundreds of hours researching micro-nutrition, physiology, and hangovers, the Dive Bar was born.



Trash Can Cookie

My bars arrived a bit smooshed most likely due to the mail delivery service. Upon removing the bar from the wrapper, the first thing I noticed was the chunks of candy coated chocolates! The Trash Can Cookie bar has a peanut buttery base, is super soft with crunchy M&M pieces! Being an avid lifter and fitness nut, keeping my body fueled and energy levels stable is very important to me! Each bar has: 18 g protein, 25 g carbs, 6 g fat and 90 mg caffeine. Yes, you heard me! Caffeine in these babies!



I decided to put this bar to the baking test!


I started off with 4 cookies and ended up with two. After being in being in the over for about 3 minutes, the cookies spread out way too fast.  I quickly remedied this by forming them into two nice size cookies. Nothing like a warm cookie! I recommend eating these fresh from the oven!  However, do not be impatient and burn your mouth like I did on the M&M’s!  This was definitely my favorite of the two flavors I tried!

Cookie Dough Though

I got quite the surprise and chuckle when I took the bar out of the wrapper! I wasn’t prepared for my fortune cookie message! Chocolate Chip Cookie Though will whisk you back to those fond childhood memories of coming home to mom whipping up a fresh batch in the kitchen. Tastes just like eating fresh cookie dough!



How about a Dive Bar doughnut!

Dive Bar, chocolate cookie though

The bars are soft enough that you can break them in half. Form your bar into two donuts. I decided not to bake them based on my last experience. In case your wondering what this glorious icing is, Snickerdoodle hummus makes the best donut icing and don’t forget the chocolate chips!

Nicely done Dive Bar! These bars are perfect for pre-workout or a grab and go meal!

The bars come in other flavors: Cinnamon Bunz, Banana Nut Job, Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Dreams!

Order your Dive Bar’s directly from their website!

Follow Dive Bar on their social media sites!




Have you ever tried any of the Dive Bar nutrition protein bars before? What do you look for in a protein or snack bar? Please share- I would love to hear from you!

One Response to Friday Food Finds – Dive Bar Nutrition Review

  1. I love the name of the company and the bar names! Too fun! And I love your ways of enjoying the bars “raw” and baked. Unfortunately, I wouldn’t be able to try these – I’m very caffeine-sensitive and have to be careful. What I look for in a protein bar = moderate to high protein, lower carb, high fiber, low sugar. This is why ONE bars are my #1 favorite (that and because they taste amazing – I swear they’ve improved even more lately! And I only like/still buy 1 Quest bar flavor anymore, haha). B-Up bars are my #2 favorite (Peanut Butter and Red Velvet Cupcake). Okay, enough of my tangent – HAPPY FRIDAY!!! And thank you for another thorough, awesome review. XO

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