Friday Food Finds- Forte Gelato and Fun Finds

Hello and Happy Friday! In this week’s Friday Food Finds, I will be sharing some fun and new to me food finds that I’m very excited about!

Forte Gelato

4 flavors of forte









I came across Forte while shopping at Wegman’s. I was not at all familiar with the company and became instantly intrigued and had to try it. Forte Gelato has four flavors: Espresso, Vanilla, Ginger, and Chocolate. Since my store only carried the vanilla and ginger, I decided to purchase both. Forte was kind enough to send me samples of Espresso and Chocolate along with more of the ginger! Each 4 oz portioned cup contains an amazing 15 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of fat and only 160 calories. The texture of the gelato was rich, smooth, and creamy and the flavors stood on their own.


espresso and vanillaBeing a huge coffee fan, I went straight for the espresso. Forte should be allowed to rest and soften at room temperature for approximately 10 minutes prior to serving. However, if you’re impatient like me, I placed mine into the microwave for just a few seconds to soften it a bit. If you’re a coffee lover, you will absolutely love this flavor. Real coffee flavor and so rich and creamy.  The Espresso flavor is my top pick for this week’s Friday Food Finds. The vanilla flavor was creamy and smooth, very classic. I could easily see pairing this with an apple or berry cobbler for summer or on top of a waffle!




ginger and chocolate forteThe chocolate was rich and decadent. Next time I may get fancy and add a few dark chocolate chips to this! The ginger tasted very clean and refreshing with just a hint of spiciness. It’s made with real organic ginger, so you’re reaping the great health benefits of eating ginger. This would be an awesome dessert pairing with a sushi dinner.




forte nutrition 2I love that Forte uses a lot of organic ingredients, their flavors are low cholesterol, gluten free, and high in calcium. Forte Gelato is crafted with rBST-free skim milk, rBST-free cream, cage-free egg yolks and organic agave nectar. Another big bonus is that you can pronounce and recognize every ingredient. No crazy chemicals here!  No need to worry about your Forte arriving safely. Forte Gelato is hand packed in a clear bag with a raffia tie and shipped in a reusable insulated cooler.  Your order will be customized with just the right amount of dry ice to guarantee it will arrive frozen and delicious.  Click here to learn more about Forte and order your favorite gelato. You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram

Go Chia Bites

chocolate_chia_bites_shdwI picked up a bag of the Go Chia Bites at Home Goods this past week- the Chocolate Chunk flavor! WOW!! I love these delicious little bites. They are both chewy and crispy and the perfect snack when I am looking for a combination of a sweet and crunchy treat that has a lot of healthy ingredients! They are a healthy tasty snack for anytime of the day.They also have a Cherry Chunk flavor that I will be headed back next week to pick up! To find out more about Go Chia Bites, check out their website and visit them on Facebook.


Silk Cashew Milk

Silk-Cashew-Milk-UnsweetenedAfter doing some searching, I was finally able to find this at Target. Silk Cashewmilk is a great alternative to milk or for those that are lactose intolerant.  Free of dairy, soy, lactose, gluten, casein, egg and MSG. Talk about creamy! Silk’s Cashewmilk tastes distinctively like cashews. At only 25 calories per serving, this mixed perfectly in my morning cup of coffee. I have also used it in several recipes where I would typically use almond milk and it actually did not change the flavor of my recipe at all. Visit their website for more information on their other product


 Dang Coconut Chips

Dang Chips This was another Home Goods find! “Dang was born out of San Francisco’s Underground Farmer’s Market, where founder Vincent Kitirattragarn cooked progressive Thai dishes for local foodies. One day he chose to cook a recipe handed down from his mother for Thai lettuce wraps. It required toasted coconut, which he snacked on and found to be crunchy, sweet and packed with energy.”  Inspired, he decided to start a company to make and distribute the Coconut Chips and name it after his mother whose Thai name is “Dang”. Dang Coconut Chips are made from the meat of the mature coconut, sliced and gently toasted. This method brings out the notes of vanilla and honey, and enhances the natural sweetness of the coconut meat. Dang Coconut Chips are available in two flavors: Original and Caramel Sea Salt. I bought the Caramel Sea Salt flavor. I sprinkled mine onto of some frozen protein yogurt. This would also be awesome as a topping on a salad, yogurt, oatmeal or in a homemade trail mix. Be careful, these are addictive. I ate half of the bag in one sitting.  Click here to find out more about Dang and their other amazing products.


You Fresh Naturals- Limited Editions S’Mores

Your Fresh Natural's S'moresWho doesn’t love S’Mores?  You Fresh Naturals released this limited edition flavor a few weeks ago. I was anxiously waiting and watching on Instagram for the post that it was ready for order. I jumped on the bandwagon and ordered that same evening.

Inside shot smoresI opened this jar as soon as it arrived. The best surprise was opening the jar to find it topped with freshly baked crushed graham crackers sitting atop a silky smooth chocolatey Almond/Coconut Butter base and topped with mini Vegan Marshmallows. Two tablespoons contains 10 grams of protein! All of their Coco-Nut Butters are made fresh to order, gluten free, paleo friendly, vegan(non-protein flavors), and are free of artificial colors and preservatives. They are also available with or without added whey protein isolate. Visit You Fresh Naturals online and on Instagram.


What new food finds are you excited about? Do you prefer ice cream, frozen yogurt or gelato? I would love to hear from you!

2 Responses to Friday Food Finds- Forte Gelato and Fun Finds

  1. I tried a few of these at ExpoWest Wendy! I have been following YouFresh since the very early days! I actually won a couple things back at the beginning but they came broken, he never replaced them even with multiple emails so I got sort of discouraged by him. His stuff looks great but I never ordered.

    I have those few things I have been writing about on my blog from ExpoWest. So much great food out there! 🙂

    • Hi Jody! Same here… I bought a few of the nut butters early on. Just came across them again and decided to try the S’Mores nut butter. Very discouraging that they did not respond back considering they have such a large following. I cannot wait to read about some of your new food finds! The ExpoWest sounds like an amazing event. I think there might be something similar in the fall on the East coast that I need to check out!

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