Friday Food Finds- GoMacro Bars Review

Happy Friday Friends!  I’m a huge snacker and love trying new and intriguing products. Being someone that’s active and on the go, having healthy and portable snack options is very important to me. In this week’s Friday Food Finds,  I’m excited to share with you my review of GoMacro Bars.

Go Macro pictureThe GoMacro bars are ones I have seen many times at my local natural food stores when I’m looking in the energy and protein bar section. For some reason, I never thought to pick one up because I had not heard a whole lot about them personally. The first thing I did was look at their website. This family owned business really has a true passion for what they do! Starting on a small organic family farm in 2004, GoMacro is now a nationally distributed natural foods company that believes in the pursuit of deliberate food choices and clean eating. Sourcing only the highest quality plant-based ingredients from the top organic and non-GMO certified growers, GoMacro has maintained a steadfast commitment the company’s roots in farm, family, and ingredients. Learn more about the company’s story here.

GoMacro is a company that is based on five core principles:

  1. Macrobiotic – A macrobiotic diet is the key to a long, healthy life.
  2. Vegan – Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.
  3. Wholesome – If nature did not make it, we do not use it!
  4. Gives Back – Pay it forward. Give Back. Change the World.
  5. Sourced Sustainably

GoMacro was so kind to send me sample bars of their 11 flavors. I was quite impressed. All of their bars are 100% vegan, USDA certified organic, certified non-GMO, Gluten-Free, and made from mostly raw ingredients These are their mini bars and they make the perfect portable snack. One mini bar has about 100 calories and 13 grams of carbs. If you ever wondered what these bars look and taste like outside of the beautiful packaging, I’m about to show you. Let’s get started!

Sesame Butter + Dates: I am a huge fan of dates and tahini so this was the first bar I tried. The tahini gave the bar a creamy flavor plus the addition of the dates and raisins made this one of my favorite bars.. This flavor is definitely my top pick for Friday Food Finds!

Sesame Butter + Dates







Almond Butter + Carob: With its unique carob flavor it really grabs the spotlight in this bar. The coconut oil helps build resistance to viruses and bacteria, and aids in lower cholesterol. Compared to chocolate, carob is three times richer in calcium, has one-third less calories, and seventeen times less fat.

Almond Butter  + Carob Go Macro








Banana + Almond Butter: This bar reminded me of banana nut bread- absolutely delicious!

Banana + Almond Butter Go Macro








Cherries + Berries: Upon opening the wrapper- I could smell the cherries- huge win in my book!  This bar reminded me of a granola bar partly due to the chewy texture. The fruit pieces added just a touch of sweetness.

Cherries + Berries Go Macro








Cashew Caramel:   The combination of caramel and cashew is pretty awesome. The chewy texture reminded me of chewing one of the caramels I loved as a child growing up!

Cashew Caramel Go Macro








Cashew Butter: This bar has great cashew taste with such few ingredients- just brown rice syrup, cashew butter, puffed brown rice and cashews.Cashew Butter Go Macro







Peanut Butter: I’m a bit of a peanut butter addict and have to say I was a bit disappointed in this flavor. This bar had just a subtle hint of peanut butter flavor- I was hoping for just a bit more.Peanut Butter Go Macro







Sunflower Butter + Chocolate: This flavor boasts no nuts, no soy, no eggs, no dairy, no GMOs, no gluten. This bar may have a lot of “NOs” but you can definitely say “YES” to organic fair trade chocolate, sprouted flax for some extra omega-3, natural vanilla straight from the vanilla pod, that miracle spice cinnamon, and last but not least, sunflower seed butter, it is their vitamin E powerhouse. Sunflower Butter + Chocolate Go Macro







Granola + Coconut: Not everyone likes coconut. I happen to be someone who loves it! You can just see all of the flakes of organic unsweetened coconut, raisins and granola clusters in this bar! Granola + Coconut Go Macro







Apples + Walnuts: If you love fresh apple pie,  you will love this bar! With each bite I could taste the apples, raisins, dates and walnuts. Very yummy!

Apples + Walnuts Go Macro







Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip: Who does not love that combination, it was delicious. You can see the chunks of chocolate chips in the bar!Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip go macro








They have new line of bars coming out soon called GoMacro Thrive bar. Each of the three flavors (blueberry lavender, curry apricot and ginger lemon) contain ingredients that have been selected to target specific systems in the body – neurological, digestive and cardiovascular. At only 180 calories, each GoMacro Thrive bar contains 3g of fiber and 4g of protein. Thrive bars are USDA organic, non-GMO project verified, kosher, gluten free and vegan certified.

You have to check out their website.  It has to be one of the coolest I’ve seen in quite some time! Their website designer did an incredible job!

Learn more and follow GoMacro on their social media sites:


Do you want to try them at a discount? Since GoMacro knows just how awesome my readers are, they’re offering you a 40% discount.  Just go to and enter code “BLOGGER” at checkout and you’ll get 40% off your first order.

Have you had GoMacro Bars before? What would be your favorite flavor? Please share- I would love to hear from you!

6 Responses to Friday Food Finds- GoMacro Bars Review

  1. I’ve loved these for a while, as it’s hard to find vegan, gluten free bars, but my stores don’t have all these flavors!!! My favorite is the peanut butter chocolate chip!!! Thanks for the discount ! I’ll order some today!!!

    • Hi Connie!

      I’m so glad you will be able to take advantage of the discount- its pretty awesome! Now if I could just get Gary to like these, he was not a fan of the consistency for some reason!

  2. I’ve only ever tried the peanut butter (agree w/ you) and sunflower butter & chocolate, but eager to try sesame butter & dates, almond butter & carob, also cashew caramel! I’ve not seen them around here though. Also psyched for the Thrive bars – all sound delish!

    • Hi Emily!

      Thanks for visiting the blog! If you love dates, you will love that flavor! I’m very excited to try the Thrive bars when they come out too!

    • I had not tried GoMacro before…. The protein is lower than I would like however I make up for it other meals during the day! Whole Foods carries them!

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