Friday Food Finds – JOJO’s Dark Chocolate Bark Review

You know that saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? Well, for me it’s more like, “Dark chocolate each day… is absolutely essential.” If you are anything like me, you crave chocolate – dark chocolate, preferably. It’s the feel-good food we turn to when we’re stressed and a treat that doesn’t necessarily have to curtail our healthy eating efforts. This week I’m sharing my review for a new to me chocolate product called JOJO’s Dark Chocolate Bark.

JOJO's Dark Chocolate Bark, Friday Food Finds, Product Review

How it all began…

In May of 2012, Jodie Jones (JoJo) was diagnosed with breast cancer. After chemotherapy and radiation treatments she was left with Lymphedema, body aches, and intense sugar cravings. She wanted badly for her body to feel healthy and alive again.

She tried different kinds of snacks and simply could not find anything that tasted great, satisfied her sweet tooth, and was healthy. So, she started experimenting in her own kitchen. After much trial and error, she created the first ever dark chocolate bark with added protein. It not only kicked her sugar cravings, but it was delicious, full of antioxidants, and low in sugar. Friends and family loved it, and soon enough her business blossomed into what’s it’s become today.

Why Choose JOJO’s Dark Chocolate Bark:

• Half The Sugar of Your Average Candy Bar

• First Chocolate Bar To Have Added Protein

• Packed with Antioxidants(Made from 70% Dark Chocolate)

• NON-GMO Casein Protein (in the Bark), NON-GMO Plant Based Protein (PB Bark)

• Gluten Free, Paleo Friendly, Low Carb Diet Friendly, Good Macros

JOJO’s comes in two varieties: Peanut Butter Delight and Chocolate Bark. Both flavors are roughly about the same from a nutrition standpoint: 160 calories, 5 grams of protein, 10-11 grams carbohydrates, 12 grams fat and 6-8 grams of sugar. The bars are smaller in size which makes them perfect for an afternoon pick me up or snack.

Let’s get to tasting! 

Peanut Butter Delight

Some things are just meant to be together; like peanut butter and chocolate. Topped with a generous amount of chopped peanuts, this salty-sweet combination of flavors hits all the right notes. The chocolate was rich and smooth with none of the bitterness you can often get from dark chocolate. With just a few bites, I felt more than satisfied. Did I mention none of their barks contain more than 6 ingredients. Simple, yet so delicious.

Ingredients: 70% Dark Chocolate, Peanuts, Hemp Protein, Peanut Flour, Sea Salt, Organic Peanut Butter Flavoring Oil.

JOJO's Dark Chocolate Bark, Friday Food Finds, Product Review

Chocolate Bark

I’m a salty and sweet kind of gal. So for me the nuts paired with the dark chocolate and the sweetness from the cranberries was too die for. Talk about getting your dark chocolate fix, plus the health benefits of almonds, pistachios and dried cranberries all in one bar. The balance is excellent and all of the ingredients have a texture and flavor that indicate they are fresh and of good quality. If you are a dark chocolate lover, this will leave your taste buds dancing.

Ingredients: 70% Dark Chocolate, All Natural NON-GMO Casein Protein, Raw Almonds, Raw Pistachios, Dried Cranberries.

JOJO's Dark Chocolate Bark, Friday Food Finds, Product Review

What are you waiting for? Now you have an excuse to eat chocolate and feel good about it. JOJO’s is sinfully delicious and a great way to satisfy and curb your sweet tooth. One bite and I promise you will be hooked!

You can snag your own JOJO’s Dark Chocolate Bark through their online store, Amazon or at a local retailer near you.

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Have you tried JOJO’s Dark Chocolate Bark before? Which flavor is your favorite? Please share – I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free to sample and review for my blog. I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

4 Responses to Friday Food Finds – JOJO’s Dark Chocolate Bark Review

  1. Wow, what an incredible story as to how this product came to be. I don’t often have a craving for chocolate but these would be great on the go/travel snacks. Fun fact, my nickname when I was a kid was JoJo!

    • Hi Jo! These are awesome for travel and with a cup of coffee or tea! It’s funny when I first read about the product, I thought of you! Love the fun fact about your nickname! I hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  2. No bitterness? I’m sold. Great company backstory as well. Thanks for another review! I forgive you for depriving me of my early morning Wendy post fix on Friday 😉 hahahaha XOXO!

    • Hi Liz! The company has such an amazing backstory! The Bark is my absolute favorite and just a small piece is needed to satisfy my sweet tooth! I love your early comments, it keeps me on my toes! I hope you had a wonderful weekend! xo

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