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In today’s world, it’s not unusual to meet or know someone struggling with a food allergy or some sort of health concern. It can often be a challenge to find healthy snack options not only for ourself but for our kids. Molly Hamilton, mom and entrepeneur ran into some similar challenges after finding out all four of her children suffered from food allergies. This was motivation alone for her to get creative in the kitchen and come up with some healthy snack alternatives. Mission accomplished with Molly’s Bakeovers. Bakeovers are essentially “makeovers” of the traditional baked good(cookies) to make them healthier, tastier and free of the most common allergens.

Sold in three flavors, Chocolate Chip, Brownie Crisps and Oatmeal Raisin, Molly’s Bakeovers are free from GMO, egg, dairy, peanut, soy and gluten. Molly’s uses only real food ingredients like organic coconut, organic cocoa powder, organic chia seeds and NO preservatives. The only tree nut they use in their products is coconut. They also come in this cute resealable package that keeps them fresh(shelf life of 6 months) or you an also freeze them too!

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Since I could not decide which flavor to start with first, I opened all three bags! I tried the Brownie Crisps first. WOW! These bite sized cookies pack quite a punch of rich chocolaty flavor. These tiny bites of goodness are crisp; yet have a crumbly texture to them. After popping a few more in my mouth, I moved on to the Chocolate Chip next.

Reminiscent of the classic chocolate chip cookie with added texture from both the gluten free oats and brown rice cereal. Perfect for satisfying that after dinner sweet tooth.

I grew up eating homemade oatmeal raisin cookies. Think of that same favorite cookie but only in miniature size! Plus, I have no idea how they fit so many raisins into one small bite! Just consider these a cute, tiny way to enjoy a good oatmeal cookie…or two…or ten!

I could easily see sharing these at my next gathering along with dessert hummus or fresh fruit platter as a healthier option.



Besides popping a few right in your mouth, here are a few fun ways to use Bakeovers!

Crumble up a few as a topping for ice cream! Oatmeal Raisin was the perfect pairing for my Halo Top Oatmeal Cookie pint.



“Do-nut” know what to do with the chocolate chip bakeovers. I topped one of my favorite grain-free chocolate chip donuts with a generous amount of low sugar vanilla icing and two crumbled chocolate chip cookies!

These are delicious! If I had to pick just one, I would probably go for the Brownie Crisps, because you know, chocolate! With the holiday’s right around the corner, Bakeovers would make a perfect stocking stuffer or gift for the foodie in your life.

Molly’s Bakeovers are sold at Whole Foods stores nationwide or can be delivered right to your doorstep by ordering on her website at

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Have you tried Molly’s Bakeovers before? How do you manage food allergies and healthy eating? Share some tips- I would love to hear from you!

6 Responses to Friday Food Finds – Molly’s Bakeovers Review

  1. The packaging alone is enough to check out this brand – how adorable! How I manage food allergies/healthy eating = seek out trusted, healthy resources and alternatives, and consult my awesome doc. HAPPY FRIDAY, DEAR WENDY!!! Hope you’re currently having a blast xoxo

    • Happy Monday Liz! Isn’t the packaging just darling! I could see these being used at baby showers, bridal showers etc. I love the fact these are free from so many allergens too! I’m happy to hear you have such an awesome and more importantly trusted physician when it comes to resources as well as alternatives. Hope you had an awesome weekend and thank you as always for reading! xo

  2. I feel like I have seen these at one of my Safeways!? Believe it or not, I’ve never had an oatmeal raisin cookie. We never had them growing up so I’ve never developed a craving for them. Anyways, I may need to pick these up! Love the creative ways you used them!

    • Hi Jo! Bakeovers are actually in the CA Safeways stores! I’m sure it had to be the cute packaging that caught your eye! It was ususally chocolate chip in my household growing up however my mom would randomly through in the oatmeal raisin around the holidays. I’ve always had a fondness for miniature versions of my classic favorites! Definitely give them a try!

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