Friday Food Finds – MUSH Overnight Oats Review

I’m always on the search for what’s new in the breakfast food world. I recently came across MUSH Overnight Oats at Kimberton Whole Foods while visiting family up north. MUSH offers single serving ready-to-eat overnight oats that are meant to be enjoyed cold. Today I’ll be sharing my full review for this new to me brand that is shaking up the breakfast food industry.

About Mush Overnight Oats:

Founded by Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas, the two met while working in the financial industry and bonded over their love of healthy food. MUSH ultimately came to be through their mutual love of food. Realizing how difficult it was to fuel themselves with genuinely healthy food on a day-to-day basis, they began to explore different options. As one thing led to another, they found themselves focused on the topic of oats. After doing some research, they found out that there were no convenient options for healthy oats. Making a leap of faith, the pair eventually decided to make their own brand of oatmeal―MUSH.

What Makes Their Oatmeal Different

MUSH oats are not cooked but soaked instead in house-made dairy free milk(almond and coconut) making them easier to digest and more nutrient dense. Unlike most store-bought oatmeal, it does not undergo heat pasteurization, and has no preservatives, artificial flavors or colors. Instead, they use an incredible technology that allows them to preserve all the nutrients in their natural ingredients and also to extend the shelf life so that it can be shipped nationally.

MUSH Overnight Oats are:

  • NON- GMO
  • Soy Free
  • Dairy Free
  • High in fiber(6-8 grams per serving)
  • Protein rich(7-10 grams per serving)
  • Contain no added sugars (sweetened naturally from fruit or dates)

Available in 5 flavors; Vanilla Bean, Wild Blueberry, Dark Cacao, Coconut Cold Brew and Apple Crisp, MUSH can be enjoyed pre or post workout, as a healthy breakfast, snack and even as a dessert. Here’s the best part! No utensils needed. Once you pop open the pod, you will find that the lid has a built in spoon making it perfect for grab and go.

Here’s how they tasted!

Vanilla Bean

The ingredient list could not be any more simple. Vanilla Bean consists of an oats base, house-made almond milk, dates to sweeten the mix, vanilla extract and sea salt. Warm vanilla flavor and creamy in taste, the texture has a thick pudding like consistency. This was delicious on it’s own but would be even tastier with some sliced bananas or berries.

MUSH Overnight Oats, review, Moore Ways to Wellness, Vanilla Bean


Wild Blueberry

MUSH took the classic flavor of a blueberry muffin and made it into a healthy and great tasting overnight oats. The combination of the coconut milk + oats + dried wild blueberries + sea salt taste quite frankly taste more like dessert! And just look at that beautiful pop of color from the berries. This flavor was absolutely delicious.

MUSH Overnight Oats, review, Moore Ways to Wellness, Wild Blueberry


Dark Cacao

Nothing beats waking up to breakfast already being made. Especially when that breakfast has chocolate in it! The Dark Cacao oats are loaded to the brim with chocolatey goodness, without the sugar overload that normally comes with it. The combination of almond milk, dark cacao and the chewiness of the oats left such a decadent mouth-feel. Very hearty, rich and filling, I saved some for my evening dessert.

MUSH Overnight Oats, review, Moore Ways to Wellness, Dark Cacao


Apple Crisp

Apple Crisp is the perfect combination of a much loved fall dessert and breakfast. With feel-good ingredients like almond milk, apple, oats, dried cranberries and cinnamon, this just screams comfort food. The tartness of the dried cranberries paired with the sweetness of the chopped apples was awesome. I could not get enough of this flavor.

MUSH Overnight Oats, review, Moore Ways to Wellness, Apple Crisp


Coconut Cold Brew

When you want coffee and breakfast all in one, these Coconut Cold Brew oats have you covered. I absolutely love coffee but I’ve never thought about having overnight oats in them. The rich flavor of coffee combined with creamy coconut milk and nutty oats leaves nothing to be desired. This is a breakfast that will get you energized and out the door in no time. Definitely one of my favorites!

Coconut Cold Brew

Overall thoughts: While overnight oats are pretty simple to make on your own, this is great for convenience. I can see myself grabbing this for a quick breakfast or snack when I am on the road or traveling. My favorite flavors? Apple Crisp and Coconut Cold Brew!

MUSH can be purchased online, at Whole Foods, on Amazon, and other retailers.

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Have you tried MUSH overnight oats before? Which flavor would you try first? Please share – I would love to hear from you!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free to sample and review for my blog.  I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

2 Responses to Friday Food Finds – MUSH Overnight Oats Review

  1. These all sound DELICIOUS!! Well, all except the double-whammy-Liz-no-no, coconut cold brew 😉 I’d try the dark cacao one first.

    • Dark Cacao and even the apple crips if you enjoy fall flavors would be perfect to try first!

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