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Good morning, my friends! I hope your Friday is off to a good start! And now before the hustle and bustle of the weekend sets in, let’s dive into this week’s Friday Food Finds! This week I’m excited to share my review for Spice Cave!

So how did Spice Cave come about?



Spice Cave is the brainchild of spice gurus Pete Taylor and Heather Scholten.  The foodies wanted to create a spice seasoning system that was Paleo, Primal and Nutritarian friendly that still tasted incredible and wasn’t loaded with sugar, salt or fillers.  The two got to work on the concept in late 2014 and after months of testing, tasting and retesting they bring you Spice Cave Seasonings. 

Most of us rely on condiments to make our meals more enjoyable. Whatever we’re drizzling, sprinkling, spreading, or dipping our food with is more than likely loaded with artificial ingredients, preservatives, MSG, and fillers. Not to mention all that sugar and salt.. We shouldn’t have to compromise our health, for a little flavor… And we sure as heck shouldn’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, just to make a nutritious & delicious meal. 

Spice Cave is the world’s first all-in-one seasoning system. After several months of formulating, testing, and perfecting; we’ve developed our “core-four” series of spice blends that are guaranteed to please the most discerning palate. Each blend was created to be used by itself, or in conjunction with one another. It doesn’t matter what you’re in the mood for, whether it is beef, seafood, pork, chicken, or even vegetables….Just sprinkle these 100% natural seasonings on before or after you cook your meal.

Just like the 4 elements are essential to life (Water, Earth. Air, and Fire), these seasonings are essential to eating healthy & flavorful food. Every blend is made with the most premium spices on earth PLUS these great attributes:







The four pillars are easy to use alone or mix and match.

  • Land – Garlicky with hints of mustard and cumin.  Use this blend on all things that roam the land.  Beef, pork, elk & venison, etc.
  • Sea – Lemony with fresh ground pepper and herbs.  This blend goes on all things from the sea.  Shrimp, salmon, whitefish & scallops, etc.
  • Wind – Herbs, herbs and more herbs plus garlic and onion and a hint of orange peel.  Sprinkle this blend liberally on chicken, duck, turkey & goose.
  • Fire – Sweet from coconut palm sugar, but smoky and hints of heat from cayenne and paprika.  This blend goes on everything, and we do mean everything, and also pairs great with Land, Sea and Wind.

So how did Spice Cave work with some of my favorite dishes!


How about some perfectly seasoned Sea Scallops! I used the Sea blend which is lemon, garlic, pepper and himalayan sea salt! This blend works beautifully with seafood!









Next, it was time to try the Land blend. I seasoned my chicken very liberally with this garlic, mustard, cumin and Himalayan sea salt blend.  I made a small slit in the center of the breast and stuffed it with a spinach feta cheese mixture.











Fire was up next. I made a spicy arrabiata pasta sauce and added a few dashes of Fire. Talk about flavor explosion! It added the perfect amount of spice to my sauce! The Fire seasoning would also spice up your breakfast and would pair really well with eggs!











I used the herbaceous Wind on my fresh asparagus! I added a few shakes of this seasoning before broiling. The blend of garlic and onion and a hint of orange peel pairs beautifully with asparagus!









I was most excited to try the Thai Peanut Seasoning on my Chilean Seabass! This is the World’s first Thai Peanut Seasoning. Think creamy dehydrated peanut butter meets spicy thai seasoning and is cooled with coconut flakes and a touch of coconut palm sugar.  This was perfect over some jasmine rice!











I would definitely recommend purchasing Spice Cave seasonings.  Each bottle tastes like it was just freshly ground in the kitchen. Overall, my two favorites are the Sea and Thai Peanut Seasoning.

If you are interested in purchasing Spice Cave, visit them online to order your own seasonings!

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Have you tried Spice Cave seasonings? If so, what’s your favorite? What are your favorite seasonings/staple seasonings in your pantry? Please share- I would love to hear from you!


5 Responses to Friday Food Finds- Spice Cave Review

    • Hi Liz! Cinnamon is definitely one of my favorite spices to use too! These spices are very unique, especially the Thai Peanut Seasoning! Truly amazing!

    • Hi Heather! Thank you again for the opportunity to try all of the spices! I cannot wait to keep creating new recipes!

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