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Happy Friday! This week just FLEW by! Probably since it’s a much shorter week for me and I am so anxious to start my vacation! I hope you all have something fun planned for this weekend to get into the fall spirit!

Let’s jump into this week’s Friday Food Finds. Today I would like to introduce you to a company I recently discovered through Instagram- WB Kitchen!


A few weeks ago I received a lovely box of bars and cookies from Chris Feuille of WB Kitchen in Colorado.  I received a sample of everything WB Kitchen makes.  This included coconut shortbread, brownies, maple pecan honey cookies, cinnamon raisin honey cookies and peanut butter cookies.  There were also 4 bars – honey nut, chocolate, mocha java and peanut ginger spice.


Chris and his wife Anna started WB Kitchen at the beginning of 2012.  After having serious health problems in 2009 , Chris spent some time on the GAPS diet. This new way of eating forced he and his wife to do most of their own cooking. Chris started experimenting with using honey as sweetener (honey is the only allowed sweetener on the GAPS diet). He started sharing his creations with others and was encouraged to start selling them. In turn WB Kitchen was born!

I also spent some time reading about the company on their website. Here is a bit about their philosophy.

“What WB Kitchen offers is not just all natural honey sweets, it represents a state of mind. As humans our food choices directly reflect the level of conscious awareness we bring into the rest of our lives. Choosing to nourish our bodies with real and harmonious foods brings us more in balance with our community and our planet. Eating the foods Mother Nature intended, allows you to be and feel healthier, happier and more vibrant. This is how we choose foods for our own bodies and wish only the same for YOU!

At WB Kitchen we believe in real food for real people. Our honey sweets are hand crafted using organic, non-gmo honey and all natural ingredients. Preservatives, artificial colors and flavors have no place in our products and are never used.”

Now onto my review!


The ONA bars are awesome, especially if you’re following a Paleo or GAPS diet. They are grain-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and soy-free. They’re so good! The cookies are also gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, and contain no refined sugars or preservatives.  A huge plus for me is that the products are made with ingredients I can pronounce and am familiar with!






ONA HONEY NUT BARHoney Nut Bar:  This bar is Paleo, SCD, & GAPS friendly. My ritual when opening a bar for the first time is to smell it. I love honey and that was the first scent I picked up on. It reminded me of one of my favorite cereals as a child, honey nut Cheerios! The taste of the honey was just right and was sweetened perfectly with a wholesome nutty taste.

INGREDIENTS: Honey*, Almonds*, Sunflower Seeds*, Pecans*, Walnuts*, Shredded Coconut*, Coconut Milk* (Creamed Coconut* and Water), Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract*, Cinnamon*, Sea Salt (*organic)


ONA CHOCOLATE BARChocolate: This bar is Paleo, GAPS, & SCD friendly! It has very nice natural chocolate flavor that comes from the cacao nibs and unsweetened cocoa powder. It has a bit of a crunch from the walnuts,pecans, almonds and cacao nibs.

 INGREDIENTS: Honey*, Almonds*, Pecans*, Sunflower Seeds*, Walnuts*,Shredded Coconut*, Cocoa Nibs*, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder*, Coconut Milk* (Creamed Coconut* and Water), Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract*,Cinnamon*, Sea Salt (*organic) 


ONA MOCHA JAVA BARMocha Java:  This is a Paleo, GAPS, & SCD friendly bar. This coffee junkie could not wait to taste this flavor.  It held to its name-perfectly sweetened with the honey, cocoa nibs and coffee.

INGREDIENTS: Honey*, Almonds*, Pecans*, Sunflower Seeds*, Walnuts*,Shredded Coconut*, Cocoa Nibs*, Coffee*, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder*, Coconut Milk* (Creamed Coconut* and Water), Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract*,Cinnamon*, Sea Salt (*organic)


ONA PEANUT GINGER BARPeanut Ginger:  This bar is SCD & GAPS friendly and only sweetened with honey! This bar is sweet with a sticky texture. It has a mild peanut taste, that finishes with the ginger. This bar was one of my favorites!!
INGREDIENTS: Honey*, Peanuts*, Sunflower Seeds*, Shredded Coconut*, Raisins*, Almonds* Dried Apples*, Coconut Milk* (Creamed Coconut* and Water), Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract*, Pecans*, Walnuts*, Cinnamon*, Sea Salt, Curry Powder*, Ginger Powder*, Turmeric Powder* (*organic)


Now onto the cookies!!


BROWNIES WB KITCHENBrownie Honey Cookies: These are Paleo, GAPS, & SCD friendly brownies that are sweetened only with honey! Not your traditional brownie- look at all of those walnuts!  Perfect for that afternoon snack!

INGREDIENTS: Raw Unfiltered Honey, Almond Flour, Unsweetened Cocoa Powder*, Walnuts*, Coconut Oil*, Cocoa Nibs*, Vanilla Extract*, Sea Salt, Cinnamon* (*organic)



CINNAMON RAISIN COOKIES WB KITCHENCinnamon Raisin Honey Cookies: Paleo, GAPS, & SCD friendly cookie. This flavor was amazingly delicious! It tasted just like a freshly baked oatmeal raisin cookie sprinkled with cinnamon and a touch of honey! It was the perfect little treat to go along with my morning coffee!

INGREDIENTS: Raw Unfiltered Honey, Almond Flour, Raisins*, Coconut Flour*, Shredded Coconut*, Walnuts*, Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract*, Cinnamon*, Sea Salt (*organic)



MAPLE PECAN COOKIES WB KITCHENMaple Pecan Honey Cookies:  This Paleo friendly cookie is sweetened perfectly with maple. I love anything maple so this was truly a treat!

INGREDIENTS: Almond Flour, Raw Unfiltered Honey, Maple Syrup*, Pecans*, Coconut Oil*, Sea Salt, Cinnamon*, Vanilla Extract* (*organic)



WB KITCHEN PEANUT BUTTER COOKIESPeanut Butter Honey Cookies:   This bar is SCD & GAPS friendly. What’s not to love with peanut butter? It was truly the best of both worlds- I could taste creamy peanut butter and a touch of honey in each bite.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Unfiltered Honey, Almond Flour, Peanut Butter*, Coconut Flour*, Shredded Coconut*, Peanuts*, Vanilla Extract*, Coconut Oil*, Sea Salt, Cinnamon* (*organic)





COCONUT SHORTBREAD COOKIES WB KITCHENCoconut Shortbread Honey Cookies: Paleo, GAPS, & SCD friendly. This was definitely a favorite. It was moist, sweet and delicious. I crumbled one of the cookies into my coconut greek yogurt for one of my snacks.

INGREDIENTS: Raw Unfiltered Honey, Almond Flour, Coconut Flour*, Shredded Coconut*, Coconut Oil*, Vanilla Extract*, Sea Salt, Cinnamon* (*organic)


How do they taste?

They’re dense, chewy, and sweet. If you love a cookie you can chew rather than crunch, then you will love these. You can taste the honey slightly, but more so just the sweetness. Both the bars and the cookies are a delicious snack to have on hand. I especially love crumbling the cookies up on top of some protein ice cream or Greek yogurt.

These would be a perfect road trip or travel snack. They would also make for a great dessert to send along with your kiddos as a healthier option. My favorite flavors were the Coconut Shortbread, Peanut Butter and Cinnamon Raisin. Even if you eat both cookies, you will not blow the diet as each cookie comes in around 100 calories each!

Order your WB Kitchen cookies and bars online.  Also visit their social media sites:




Have you tried WB Kitchen before? What are some of your favorite healthy cookies and snacks?  Please share- I would love to hear from you?

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