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Happy Friday everyone! Even though it was a much shorter work week, I’m so ready for the weekend.

For those of you new to my blog, Friday Food Finds is about sharing a new and fun food find with my followers!

In this week’s Friday Foods Finds, I’m sharing my review for WrawP Foods. WrawPs was kind enough to send to me 7 flavors of their flatbreads to sample and review.



WrawP is an independent, Los Angeles based company, selling organic, gluten-free, raw vegan flatbreads. They have 8 different flavors: original, spirulina, asian, spicy, chiaRAWberri, energizing morning, smokey heaven, and their new flavor, persimmon delight.

WrawP is a brand that makes raw and vegan wraps. They come in tons of flavors, and are actually easy to digest and healthy.  These wraps are so much healthier than the spinach and tomato wraps you see at the grocery store in the deli section. Those are filled with unpronounceable ingredients and not to mention high levels of sodium and calories with pretty much no nutritional value. They use only fresh 100% organic vegetables and fruits. WrawP’s are a great bread alternative and also a way to replace carb filled flour or corn products.

You can read more about the nutritional benefits of raw food and the specific ingredients that they use to promote good health and increased vitality here

Their company motto is “Love Your Body” and we have made a product that follows through on that promise.

Some facts about WrawP:

100% Gluten-free
100% Paleo wraps
100% Raw wraps
100% Vegan wraps
100% No GMO
100% Low Carb
100% Diabetic Friendly

Here are a few of the recipes I made using the WrawP’s.

Smokey Heaven Chicken Salad WrawP

SMOKEY HEAVEN WRAWP CHICKEN SALADThe Smokey Heaven WrawP has a slight smoked meat flavor to it. I also loved the saltiness of the onion.








Ahi Tuna Sushi in an Asian WrawP

This was such an awesome idea. I love sushi and using this wrap made it so much easier to prepare.  The Asian wrap has great flavor of ginger and sesame throughout! The Asian WrawP is my top pick for this week’s Friday Food Finds!


Ahi Tuna Sushi
Prep time
Total time
Recipe type: Dinner
Serves: 1
  • 1 Asian WrawP
  • 3 oz Ahi Tuna, chopped and diced
  • 3 oz cooked jasmine rice
  • ¼ cup mixed kale salad, chopped
  1. Take your WrawP and place onto a flat surface.
  2. Spread your rice on one side of the wrap.
  3. Top with chopped kale salad.
  4. Add chopped ahi tuna on top of the kale.
  5. Roll like you would a wrap.
  6. Slice diagonally into 6 pieces of sushi.
  7. Enjoy!


Energizing Morning WrawP

Energizing Sweet WrawP

I used half of one of the Energizing Morning WrawPs to make a PB and Jelly wrap.  The wraps are so pliable and easy to use. I love the fruitiness of this recipe. It paired well with bananas and strawberries






PB Banana Sushi

Sticking with the sushi theme,  I used the remaining half of the Energizing Morning WrawP to make some Peanut Butter and Banana sushi bites. This was the perfect morning snack to keep me energized(no pun intended) until lunchtime! This would also make a great snack for the kids!





I made a variety of healthy sandwiches with the remaining WrawPs;  including ones with turkey, chicken and even one with hummus and grilled veggies. The combinations are endless!  

Overall I was really impressed with these wraps! I really liked that these wraps were thick and durable. These do not crack or break like some wraps. I will definitely be ordering more of the Asian, Energizing Morning and the Smokey Heaven.  

You can find WrawPs at select Whole Foods, Thrive Market and also online on their website.

Follow WrawPs on their social media sites!




Have you tried WrawPs? Do you prefer sandwiches or wraps? What are your favorite sandwich or wrap fillings? Please share- I would love to hear from you!

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