Friday Food Finds

Hello and Happy Friday! There is not a day that goes by when I am not asked by a friend or client what some of my favorite food products are. Every Friday I will be reviewing new recipes or products that I’ve found while grocery shopping.

Here are this week’s Friday Food Finds…

Flavored Coffees

Friday food finds, coffeeI don’t know about you, but coffee is my lifeline every morning! I’m always checking out TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Target for new flavors! This week I picked up two new flavors I found at the Christmas Tree Shops. If you have one in your area, check it out! They have great discounts and low prices on coffee (these were $4.99 a bag!). The first flavor is Chocolate Caramel Cookie. I was hoping to get wowed by this coffee. There were subtle hints of caramel and sugar cookie but too much emphasis on the chocolate.

Vanilla Nut Pumpkin Pie Coffee was up next to try. For all of the pumpkin lovers out there, this does not disappoint! The pumpkin flavor hands down was my favorite. This paired beautifully with some sugar free, fat free pumpkin creamer!

Sriracha Mustard

Friday food finds, sirachaI found this gem at my local Giant Food Stores for $1.79. what a bargain and you know this sriracha junkie bought more than 1 bottle- try 3! It was just the perfect balance of heat and mustard. I’ve enjoyed this on my burgers, eggs and even dipped my Brussels sprouts in it! If you like spicy- give this a shot!

Powerful Yogurt Plus+

Friday food finds, yogurtBelieve it or not I found this at a Mennonite grocery store in Lancaster County. I’m embarrassed to admit I have zero willpower when it comes to anything coconut. This immediately went into my grocery cart. Coconut Quinoa was the flavor I decided to go with. I was uncertain how I would feel about yogurt with quinoa. I have to say I enjoyed the flavor and texture. I’m looking forward to trying their other flavors which include Lemon Chia and Tropical Fruit and Oats. Check out their website for the nutritional stats.

GNC PUREDGE Complete Protein Bars

friday food finds, proteinA few of my instagram friends suggested trying out the PUREDGE bars since they have similar traits to my beloved Quest Bars. I’m a huge fan of Quest so this bar had to meet some high expectations for me. I tried the Banana Nut Bread flavor. The flavor was spot on with no aftertaste and great banana flavor. Texture wise, it’s much softer than Quest.

The nutrition is very similar to Quest – no sugar alcohols, gluten free but has the added bonus of flax and chia! I would love to try these broiled in the oven! I still have the PB Cookie flavor to try yet!

B-Up Bar

friday food finds, b upB-Up is a brand new company that launched a short time ago. They have 3 flavors released- Chocolate Mint, Sugar Cookie and Cinnamon. These bars do not disappoint. Sugar Cookie is incredibly soft and tastes almost like a marshmallow. They are easy on the stomach; low sodium and gluten free.

They bake well as I’ve done cookies with these. They also taste delicious with some nut butter on top! These did not last long and I’ve already placed my next order! Each bar is 180 calories or less, has 20 g of protein, 4-6g of fat, and 2-3g of sugar. Plus each bar has 20g of fiber, leaving you with only 5-6g of net carbs! They are releasing 3 brand new flavors in December! I give B-Up bars a 5 out of 5 in my book!


What new food finds are you excited about? Are there any recipes that have caught your eye lately? Let me know!

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