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Happy Friday friends! As you know, I’ve been doing my best to follow a “soy free” diet based on my recent food intolerance testing. Today, I’m sharing a new bar find from Go Raw called GROW Protein Bar.

Go RAW has their own dedicated production plant in Northern California that is completely gluten free, wheat free, nut free, dairy free and soy free, in addition to being raw, vegan and kosher.


What makes the GROW Protein Bar so unique is that they are the only protein bar on the market using watermelon seeds as source of protein. Did you know that watermelon seeds have 11-grams of protein per ounce? I had no idea! Each snack size bar is packed with 12 grams of protein from those nutritional gems!

GROW Protein Bars are available in four different flavors(Cinnamon Spice, Dark Chocolate, Zesty Lemon and Mint Chocolate). Sweetened only with organic dates, the bars are low glycemic, organic and non-GMO, in addition to being gluten, soy, nut and dairy-free. The ingredient list is quite impressive too with 8 or less whole-food, plant-based ingredients.

Cinnamon Spice

The bars are similar in size and density to a Larabar with a soft, chewy granola bar like texture. Cinnamon Spice had just enough sweetness to balance out the slight spice component from the cinnamon. I enjoyed this as a mid morning snack with my coffee. The sprouting process used with the watermelon seeds makes these bars very easy to digest. Definitely a huge win in my book!

Ingredients: Sprouted watermelon seeds, dates, cinnamon, vanilla extract, celtic sea salt, rosemary extract.



Dark Chocolate

Who doesn’t love dark chocolate? This bar tastes just like a brownie without any of the added junk. If you have a sweet tooth, this bar will probably not be sweet enough for you. I prefer a richer, stronger, sweeter chocolate flavor. The addition of some mini chocolate chips would give this bar a little bit more of an oomph!

Ingredients: Sprouted watermelon seeds, dates, cacao, chocolate extract, vanilla extract, celtic sea salt, rosemary extract.


Zesty Lemon

Lemon is such a fresh and timeless flavor which works amazingly in protein bars. I’m a huge fan of anything lemon, so I went in having some high expectations. This one did not disappoint! The lemon flavor in this bar is light, not too sweet or overpowering at all. This reminded me of eating a soft lemon cookie. Go Raw nailed the flavor 100% on this one!

Ingredients: Sprouted watermelon seeds, dates, coconut nectar, lemon oil, lemon peel, celtic sea salt, rosemary extract.


Mint Chocolate

The chocolate was the predominant flavor in this bar with just a slight hint of mint. The bar was slightly reminiscent of an after-dinner mint. I’m usually a fan of anything mint chocolate, but this flavor was a little too subtle in flavor for my liking.

Ingredients: Sprouted watermelon seeds, dates, cacao, chocolate extract, vanilla extract, mint extract, celtic sea salt, rosemary extract.

If you want to try a bar that you can feel good about eating, give the Grow Protein Bar a try! They are a perfect grab-and-go choice for healthy snacking away from home. My favorites were the Lemon Zest and Cinnamon Spice.

You can puchase Grow Protein bar on the GO Raw website or at retail locations nationwide.

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Have you tried GROW Protein Bar or any of the GO Raw bars before? What do you look for in a snack bar? Please share- I would love to hear from you!

4 Responses to Friday Foods Finds – GROW Protein Bar Review

  1. Yet another unfamiliar company – I always love that you introduce so many fun brands! I’m so intrigued by their use of watermelon seeds – interesting! So glad that these soy-free bars are winners (minus the mint – sorry the flavor was too subtle!). You know already what I look for in snack bars, haha – high fiber, low sugar, moderate protein 🙂 Happy Friday!!! xo

    • Happy Friday Liz! Who knew that watermelon seeds packed so much protein, I had no idea! I’ll definitely be adding these to my bar rotation once I’m able to add both lemon and vanilla back in! Happy weekend – xo

    • Definitely very different and that’s what caught my eye! Watermelon seeds as protein, who knew!!

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