Friday Food Finds – GrandyOats Coconola Review

I love a surprise – especially one that contains small batch, grain-free coconut granola. I recently received a generous package from my new friends over at GrandyOats. Not familiar with Coconola? Today, I’ll be sharing my full review for GrandyOats Coconola.

About GrandyOats:

GrandyOats is operated by two environmentally-conscious health food enthusiasts, Nat Pierce and Aaron Anker; otherwise know as the “Real Granolas.” Both met in the early 2000’s during college, bonding over their shared love for VW buses. After graduating, the pair remained friends and eventually joined forces to create an organic foods business.

GrandyOats makes all of their granolas in small batches at their own solar-powered bakery in Maine. Yes, a solar powered bakery! Read more about that here. With the mission of sourcing the most organic ingredients, GrandyOats partners with local, organic and non-GMO producers to “create the taste that nature intended.” Their mantras are “live life organically, love the path you travel and keep it real.”

What is Coconola?

Coconola is GrandyOats coconut-based, gluten-free line of granola. Instead of grains, they use shredded coconut, nuts and seeds to give you that true granola “crunch.” Coconola is available in four varieties; Original, Super Hemp Blend(Vegan), Chocolate Chunk(Vegan) and Coffee Crunch – all of which are certified organic, gluten-free and paleo and Non-GMO verified.

Some fun ways to enjoy GrandyOats Coconola:

  • Add it to yogurt
  • Blend it with a trail mix
  • Use it as a topping for salads, smoothie bowls and desserts
  • Snack on it straight from the bag

GrandyOats Coconola, product review

Are you ready to dig in?


As the name suggests, Coconola uses unsweetened coconut flakes instead of oats and honestly, you don’t even notice the difference. This granola is loaded with nice sized clusters of nutrient dense nuts and seeds. Most granolas are made with refined sugars. Sweetened with just honey and maple syrup, none of their granolas contain more than 7 grams of sugar per serving. I enjoyed the super crunchy texture of this granola which made it an ideal pairing with some unsweetened cashew milk and fresh berries.

Ingredients: Organic Unsweetened Coconut, Organic Cashews, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Pecans, Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Honey, Organic Maple Syrup and Organic Vanilla.

GrandyOats Original


Chocolate Chunk

Loaded with chunks of dark chocolate, this granola treads the line between breakfast and dessert. The sweetest of the the four varieties, Chocolate Chunk tastes quite decadent and indulgent. I loved the crunch of the seeds mixed with the roasted nuts and sweetness from the maple syrup. Chocolate Chunk made the perfect topping for my vegan banana waffles. This flavor would also be amazing sprinkled over ice cream or with berries and whipped cream as a dessert. Hands down, Chocolate Chunk was my favorite flavor.

Ingredients: Organic Unsweetened Coconut, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Coconut Nectar, Organic Dark Chocolate (organic cane sugar, organic cocoa liquor, organic cocoa butter), Organic Sesame Seeds, Organic Pecans, Organic Cashews, Organic Maple Syrup and Organic Vanilla.

GrandyOats Coconola Chocolate Chunk, review


Super Hemp Blend

Somewhat similar in taste to the Original, the Super Hemp Blend is crunchy, slightly chewy and has a subtle earthy vibe due to the addition of hemp powder. Whether you like to enjoy granola on its own, on top of yogurt or a smoothie bowl, this granola is a must-try. You’re going to love the textures and flavors, and I promise, you’ll never miss the oats!

Ingredients: Organic Unsweetened Coconut, Organic Pumpkin Seeds, Organic Sunflower Seeds, Organic Coconut Nectar, Organic Hemp Seeds, Organic Hemp Powder, Organic Maple Syrup, Organic Almonds, Organic Cashews and Organic Vanilla.


Coffee Crunch

Coffee and granola. Two morning staples wrapped into one, what could be better! Coffee Crunch is slightly sweet yet bitterly delicious from the ground coffee plus a nutritious blend of coconuts, seeds and nuts. This flavor paired beautifully with my favorite almond butter and fruit for the ultimate caffeinated Toast Tuesday celebration. The taste of this granola is definitely up there with the first sip of coffee in the morning. If you are a coffee fan, this flavor is a must try!

Ingredients: Unsweetened Coconut, Pumpkin Seeds, Sunflower Seeds, Cashews, Maple Syrup, Hazelnuts, Coconut Nectar, Ground Coffee, Pecans and Sea Salt.

GrandyOats Coconola Coffee Crunch, product review

Whether you follow a gluten free lifestyle or just enjoy healthier ingredients and options, there is something in GrandyOats product line to please just about any palate. In addition to their grain-free Coconola, GrandyOats also offers a full line of organic granolas, trail mix, roasted nuts and hot cereal.

GrandyOats Coconola can be purchased directly from their online store, through Amazon and found in select grocery and natural food stores nationwide.

Keep up with GrandyOats via their social media platforms:




Have you tried GrandyOats Coconola before? Which flavor would you try first? Please share – I would love to hear from you!

4 Responses to Friday Food Finds – GrandyOats Coconola Review

    • I thought so too! Very cool and environmentally conscious too! And I thought of you when trying this- way too coconutty for my friend Liz! Happy Friday! xo

  1. Wow, these all sound great! They are pretty pricey online so I’ll have to check out my Whole Foods to see if it is in stock!

    • Hi Jo! Yes, check your local Whole Foods or even specialty health food store. It’s nice to have an oat free granola option!

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