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Leaving HomeGoods without impulse-buying at least 50 things I don’t need is precisely as difficult as walking into Target and sticking to my shopping list. Impossible. Luckily, the change of seasons is the only reason I need to justify new purchases, especially anything with a pumpkin on it.

Every fall I look forward to perusing the aisles of HomeGoods gourmet food section and it rarely disappoints. Whether you’re into coffee, tea, snacks, sauces or pasta, HomeGoods has something for just about everyone. I start stalking their stores for pumpkin items in mid-August, and when I finally find all their seasonal stuff out, I go a little nuts buying all my faves!

Here’s a roundup of my recent pumpkin finds from HomeGoods!

Cosmos Creations – Pumpkin Spice Puffed Corn

I must confess I’m not much of a popcorn person but Cosmos has quickly changed my mind. Not your typical popcorn, this puffed corn treat contains no hulls or kernels. I couldn’t wait to tear open the bag on the way home. Every bite was an explosion of pumpkin flavor and a mouthful of happiness. You can bet that I’m heading back for another bag or two of these gems. YUM!

Cosmos Creations Pumpkin Spice Puffed Corn, HomeGoods Pumpkin Finds


Pumpkin Pie Coffee

Nothing says fall quite like a steaming hot mug of pumpkin spice-flavored coffee, especially if you can make one right in the cozy comfort of your own kitchen. The Pumpkin Pie ground coffee is hands down one of my favorites(yes, even better than Starbucks in my opinion). I stock up on at least 3-4 bags of this every year to get me through the fall season. If you’re a fan of the K-Cups, they also have those too!

sweetie pie ground coffee, HomeGoods Pumpkin Finds


Keto Creamer – Pumpkin Chai

I didn’t pick this up but found it interesting that HomeGoods now carries some keto products in the food aisles. For those that follow a low carb or keto lifestyle, this may be worth checking out – I’m thinking Pumpkin Chai Bullet Proof lattes!

Keto Creamer Pumpkin Chai, Home Goods Pumpkin Finds

Pumpkin Maple Quick Bread

HomeGoods has an amazing selection of bread and muffin mixes all year round. This Pumpkin Maple one is no exception. I found it last fall and was excited to see it on the shelves again this year. Just add water, butter(or coconut oil) and eggs. I love to jazz up this loaf by adding a handful of either white chocolate or sea salt caramel chips to the batter!
Pumpkin Maple Quick Bread Mix, Home Goods Pumpkin Finds, Moore Ways to Wellness


Pumpkin Curd

I have tried my share of pumpkin butters and spreads but never a curd. This was an interesting find for $3.99, so I picked up a jar. What might you use pumpkin curd for, you ask? Spread it atop a slice of freshly baked pumpkin bread or swirl a spoonful into your oatmeal for an indulgent breakfast treat. Or better yet, dollop some curd in between two pumpkin cookies for an incredible sandwich cookie.

Pumpkin Curd, Home Goods Pumpkin Finds, Moore Ways to Wellness


Pumpkin Gnocchi

Making gnocchi can be a bit intimidating to make so I take advantage of buying the store bought version when I can. If you’ve haven’t tried gnocchi before, they are like delicate little pasta pillows that just melt in the mouth. Gnocchi is best served with a simple pasta sauce or something light like this browned butter and sage recipe I saved on my Pinterest boards.

Pumpkin Gnocchi, Home Goods Pumpkin Finds


Mellocreme Pumpkins

Trick or Treat Yo-self! Talk about an impulse buy; Halloween candy with clever marketing will get me every time. I’m a HUGE candy corn junkie and mellowcreme pumpkins are simply candy corn in the shape of a teensy pumpkin! Not only are they fun to eat but I also find myself using them for fun Halloween baking projects and treats.


Autumn Home Decor

And I can’t forget to mention all of the fun seasonal decor! All season long, HomeGoods rolls out a stream of fall-themed decorations such as decorative pumpkins, door mats, fall-themed candles and door wreaths. You never really know what’s going to show up, but that’s part of the fun!

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I hope you enjoyed this edition. Keep an eye out for more pumpkin inspired posts soon with Aldi and Trader Joe’s!

What are some of your favorite pumpkin foods at HomeGoods? What are some of your recent pumpkin finds? Please share – I would love to hear from you!

4 Responses to HomeGoods Pumpkin Food Finds

  1. I need to make a a trip to my Home Goods to see what seasonal products I can find. Like you, there is nothing I need but anything fall/pumpkin just jumps into my cart. Same thing happens when I am at World Market, I could spend hours there! Candy corn is my favorite and I love making a fall snack mix with popcorn, candy corn, pretzels and nuts. I am a huge popcorn person though 😉 I’ve not bought any pumpkin foods yet but do have some pumpkin candles!!

    • Hi Jo! HomeGoods is one of favorite places to shop for all of my gourmet foods- such great prices too! I love the sound of the candy corn fall snack mix- YUM!! Speaking of candles, I need to check their selection and also do a run to Bath and Body Works for their sales on pumpkin goodies!

    • I’ve always loved lemon curd so why not try the pumpkin, right? I’m not so sure I’ll go back for the keto creamer- it’s a fun item but I could easily do something similar at home. Tuesdays are good days to visit HomeGoods,it’s their shipment day! I need to go back and find my pumpkin skinny syrups!

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