Get in the Know- Know Better Foods Review Part Two

Happy Friday friends! Today, I’m excited to share more of the product line from KNOW Better Foods. Since, I did my initial review, I’ve had an opportunity to try more of their goodies in addition to some of their newer products.

KNOW Better Foods contain:

  • NO GMOs
  • NO Gluten
  • NO Grain
  • NO Wheat
  • NO Soy
  • NO Dairy
  • NO Peanuts
  • NO Yeast
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Added Sugar
  • NO Trans Fats

KNOW Food products are made from a superfood blend of coconuts, almonds, egg whites, flaxseed, chia and other all-natural ingredients. This makes them not only low carb but also high in protein and fiber as well.

Let’s get started!

Pancake Mix

I love having quick and healthy options for breakfast. The pancake mix couldn’t be any easier to prepare. Just add water or milk and mix. I prefer to use either a canned coconut milk or unsweetened cashew milk instead of water. Although, it doesn’t state it on the package, I allowed my batter to sit for aboout 3-5 minutes to get nice and thick. One serving makes three nice sized and very filling pancakes. I was so impressed with how these turned out; so light, fluffy and flavorful.

Nutrional Profile: Per serving: 112 calories, 7g protein,7g fat, 14g carbs, 6g fiber



Chocolate Chip Waffles

If you follow me on social media, I’m sure you know by now how passionate I am about the waffles! It was truly, love at first bite and I’ve been hooked ever since. I always pop my waffle in the toaster to make it nice and crispy! I typically top mine with fresh fruit and syrup. The company just released their first maple syrup product that I’m sure would be just amazing on my waffles!

Nutrional Profile: Per waffle: 152 calories, 12g protein, 8g fat, 20g carbs, 8g fiber



KNOW Better Thins

The KNOW Better Thins were crispy enough to stand up to the dipping test with my 3 ingredient avocado hummus. These can be best described as mild in flavor but at the last minute, your hit with a hint of spiciness(not sure where that comes from, but it works!) Such a healthier alternative to the whole grain boxed crackers at the grocery store.

Nutritional Profile: 6 thins: 56 calories, 5g protein, 5g fat, 7g carbs, 3g fiber



KNOW Better Wraps

Taco Tuesday just got much tastier! The wraps are are very pliable unlike some of the low carb ones on the market that can fall apart or crumble. However, I do recommend toasting your wrap in either a hot cast iron pan or toaster oven before topping or filling. Talk about versatality, I’ve also had great success using these for homemade pizzas and enchiladas.

Nutritional Profile: 1 wrap: 100 calories, 7g protein, 7g fat, 8g carbs, 3g fiber



KNOW Better Bars

You KNOW this looks good! Feels like a cheat but it’s definitely a guilt free treat! Loaded with so many mini chocolate chips and bits of coconut flakes, I enjoyed one as an afternoon snack. The bars are quite filling and actually curbed my appetite until dinner.

Nutrional Profile: Per bar: 210 calories, 12g protein, 14g fat, 18g carbs, 8g fiber



KNOW Better Chocolate Chip Cookies

Milk and cookies anyone? The cookies are the ultimate chocolate treat! With just the perfect amount of sweetness, these taste just like homemade. I’ve only tried the Chocolate Chip flavor so far.

Look at the size of this cookie! They are huge! I was more than satisfied with just eating half. The cookies are also available in 3 other flavors: Double Chocolate Chip, Lemon and Cinnamon.

Nutrional Profile: Per cookie: 395 calories, 18g protein, 32g fat, 42g carbs, 12g fiber


From the waffles to their wraps, cookies and bars, you can’t go wrong gifting the health conscious foodie in your life with a KNOW Better Starter Pack!

Interested in trying these products for yourself? Use this link to save 10% off your first KNOW Better Foods purchase.

Need recommendations, drop me a comment below. I’ve tried just about everything!

Stay in the KNOW by following KNOW Better Foods on their social media platforms:




Which KNOW Better Foods product have you tried? Do you follow a keto or low carb lifestyle? Please share – I would love to hear from you!

6 Responses to Get in the Know- Know Better Foods Review Part Two

  1. LOVE this extensive, HONEST (as always) review of these Know Foods products – so many options! So glad you’re able to enjoy all of it too, sans allergy worries xoxo

    • Happy Saturday! Thanks so much Liz! You know these products have been such a game changer for me! They keep coming out with new products and this is just the beginning. Enjoy your weekend dear friend! xo

  2. I enjoy ther products too, but have you researched allulose (one of the ingredients in many -all??- of their products)? I am concerned about eating it.

    • Hi Maryanne! I have done my research and like you were a bit skeptical at first. I can honestly say that I feel comfortable using the products with zero side effects, bloating or any issues myself. Unlike some of the others sweeteners that can negatively impact a person’s blood glucose level and cause weight gain, this one supposedly does not. I recommended these to my mom since she was a diabetic.These did not impact her sugar level at all. Just curious, which of their products have you tried so far?

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