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Happy Friday friends! I hope you had a fantastic week! I was recently sent an assortment of the Nakd Bars and Nakd Nibbles to review. Have you ever heard of Nakd bars? They have some really unique flavors. These bars are very similar to Larabars in that the only ingredients used are fruit and nuts.



Who is Eat Nakd?

Natural Balance Foods, the maker of Eat Nakd, is a young British company that makes gluten free snack bars. Not only are they gluten free, but they contain 100% natural ingredients, 100% vegan, no added sugars or syrups, and they are wheat & dairy free. The company’s Eat Nakd bars are a perfect solution for those that want to replace over-processed foods with more nourishing wholefoods. As the company describes them, Eat Nakd Bars are simply fruits and nuts ‘smooshed’ together and therefore not only taste good, but are good for you too!

I’m going to start off sharing my review of the Nakd Bar Nibbles! Like the Nakd Bar, the ingredients are based predominately on dates, cashews and raisins with added rice flour and natural flavorings. The Nakd Nibbles come in 4 candy-shop flavors: Coconut Bliss, Toffee Treat, Strawberry Cream, and Salted Caramel. The packets are small enough to pop into your handbag, gym bag or into your kids lunchbox.


NAKD SALTED CARAMEL NIBBLESSalted Caramel-Salted caramel is really is proving to be one of the biggest food trend in snacks this year again. The flavor of salted caramel is at its strongest when you first pop these into your mouth.  I mixed some of the nibbles in with my salted caramel greek yogurt for a really great tasting dessert. Once a pack is opened, they are incredibly easy to keep nibbling on!  



NAKD BAR, COCONUT BLISS NIBBLESCoconut Bliss : The main ingredients listed include cashews, raisins, and cocoa, along with the coconut. I think that the cocoa flavor is very subtle however I could really taste the sweetness of the raisins, and the tropical coconut. These also have tiny little shreds of coconut in them! Overall, these are a tasty, healthy snack and do give a nice coconut flavored kick.



NAKD BAR, TOFFEE TREAT NIBBLESToffee Treat: I was pleasantly surprised to find that these actually do taste like toffee. They’ve got a distinct toffee flavor – buttery and rich! It’s just like eating a packet of mini chocolatey toffee flavor fudge pieces!




NAKD BAR, STRAWBERRIES & CREAM NIBBLESStrawberries & Cream: In my opinion, probably the sweetest of all the flavors I tried. These tastes like a bowl of strawberries with a dollop of whipped cream. The strawberry flavor, as with all of Nakd’s delicious flavors, is very natural. So even if you aren’t a sweet person, you would probably still enjoy this flavor.


Now onto the Eat Nakd Bars!

Eat Nakd bars are small, very portable and are available in 9 flavors. The bars are 35 grams and range between 110-135 calories making them a perfect snack for between meals. The texture of the Eat Nakd bars is soft and chewy and I would describe it as cake-y and dense. Since they have no additional, unpronounceable ingredients and are naturally wheat and gluten free, they are perfect for those that are on a wheat free diet or have gluten sensitivities!



Cocoa Mint Bar: I’m a fan of mint and chocolate so I had great hope for this flavor. If you love Thin Mints Girl Scout Cookies or even  a Peppermint Patty then you will like this flavor!  Think rich cocoa combined with a subtle natural mint flavor.




Ginger Bread:  Ginger Bread is amazing! It truly tastes like Gingerbread cake and has a “Christmassy” feel, probably due to the ginger, cloves and cinnamon. This bar is very nutty and you can taste a lot of spices but they are not too overwhelming.




Cocoa Orange:  Do you remember the orange chocolates we would get as kids in our stockings at Christmas time? That was the first thought that came to mind when I saw this flavor. It has a really chocolaty smell and taste. I found that the orange is less obvious but overall this was a really nice flavor.The ingredients are dates (40%), cashews (40%), raisins (14%), cocoa (5%) and a hint of natural orange and chocolate flavoring.



Cocoa Delight:  This bar is made up of 48% dates, 29% cashews, 17% raisins and 6% cocoa, with natural chocolate flavoring. It tasted really chocolately with a slightly fudgey texture which was great. Perfect for you next chocolate fix!





Rhubard & Custard: I have never been a fan of rhubarb, so I went into this one with an open mind. The bar does not have a strong flavor and I think the custard comes through much more than the rhubarb. If I didn’t know what flavor this was, I probably wouldn’t have guessed. Overall this was not my favorite but it was still pretty good.



NAKD CASHEW COOKIE BARCashew Cookie:  The ingredients are pretty simple; just cashews (51%) and dates (49%). Tasted just like a soft, chewy cashew cookie plus the addition of dates! Yummy!!





Pecan Pie:  This bar brought me back to holiday memories of pecan pie at the Thanksgiving dinner table. It definitely tasted like a pie with soft crust, rich pecan flavor, and a surprise crunch from crushed almonds. Everything is just balanced out perfectly in this flavor.




Berry Delight: I could immediately taste raisins and raspberries. This bar surprised me as well as I’m not much of a fan of fruity flavored bars. It’s very summery in flavor and not very nutty at all.





Caffe Mocha: The Caffe Mocha was one of my favorites, It was lightly chocolaty with a strong coffee flavor. It had such a soft, melt-in-your-mouth type texture that I immediately became a fan.





Bakewell Tart: If you’re wondering just like I was , what is a Bakewell Tart? A Bakewell tart is an English confection consisting of a shortcrust pastry shell beneath layers of jam, frangipane, and a topping of flaked almonds. Deliciously simple! The Bakewell tart was one of my favorite bars. It has that pastry taste but isn’t overly sweet.


In addition to the original Nakd Bar line, they also make Nakd Protein Crunch Bars which are also gluten, dairy and wheat free.  The difference between the two is that these bars are packed with soya crunchies which provide some extra protein. These bars come in four flavors: Strawberry, Banana, Apple and Cocoa.


Banana Crunch: This might be my least favorite from what I’ve tried. It tasted funny and had this weird banana after taste to it. As for the crunch part, there wasn’t a lot of crunch in this bar, compare to the other ones that I’ve tried before.





Strawberry Crunch: This flavor is every bit as yummy as you would expect from smooshing real strawberries together with fruit, nuts and protein crunchies, resulting in a seriously satisfying texture and long lasting tingly sweetness.





Cocoa Crunch: This bar has a delicious chocolaty taste with a crispy crunchiness that is super satisfying. In fact, if you are a fan of a Kit Kat, then this bar will not disappoint. It has the crunch and it has the sweet bitter chocolate that will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth.





Apple Crunch:This bar brings me back to Autumn in one bite! The apple in this bar really comes out and there’s a good crunch in the texture. It was almost as if it was like apple cinnamon oatmeal shaped into a bar.



Overall, I recommend trying these bars! They are made with all natural ingredients that you can feel good about eating. There are no hard to pronounce ingredients or artificial sweeteners.

If you’re new to their products, I would suggest trying a mixed box which is ideal for sampling different flavors. 

Find out more about Nakd Wholefoods and the other great products from Natural Balance Foods on their website and via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Have you tried Nakd Bars? What are your favorite snack bars? Do you prefer chocolaty or fruity bars? Please share- I would love to hear from you!

3 Responses to Friday Food Finds- Nakd Bars Review

  1. I’ve heard of Nakd bars, but never tried them. Thank you for reviewing each flavor! Definitely some interesting ones in the mix. Out of all the bar brands out there like Nakd bars, I prefer Pure Bars (they just reduced the sugar in the bars, and now they taste even better than they already did! Check out ). Oh and I also love Nii bars (the almond butter-chocolate chip and peanut butter-chocolate chip ones –

    Happy Friday, Wendy!

    • Hi Liz! I’m going to look into the Pure Bar- do you have a flavor that you recommend? I’ve also never heard of Nii bars! They sound pretty amazing – I’ll check those out as well!

  2. I’ve heard of Nakd bars, but never tried them. Thank you for reviewing each flavor! Definitely some interesting ones in the mix. Out of all the bar brands out there like Nakd bars, I prefer Pure Bars (they just reduced the sugar in the bars, and now they taste even better than they already did!). Oh and I also love Nii bars (the almond butter-chocolate chip and peanut butter-chocolate chip ones).

    Happy Friday, Wendy!

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