Detour Lean Muscle Candy Crunch Bar Review

One of my favorite protein bar companies recently released two new full size bars to their Lean Muscle family!

Introducing Detour’s new Lean Muscle M&M Candy Crunch protein bars!

Due to the overwhelming amount of love and support from the Detour Lean Muscle Bites, Detour decided to make a full size protein bar of the Chocolate Candy Crunch flavor! This time there will be DOUBLE the chocolate and DOUBLE the M&M’s chocolate!

Why Choose Detour Lean Muscle Candy Crunch Bars?

✅ 14 grams of protein. The key building block of a good diet. Whey protein is our core ingredient.

✅ 5 grams of fiber. A healthy dose of fiber to fill you up and nourish your body.

✅ 6-8 grams sugar. We believe a low sugar diet is critical to living a healthy lifestyle.

✅ 210 -250 calories. The perfect size for a post workout snack or meal replacement.

Detour Lean Muscle Bars are offered in 2 yummy flavors:

  • Chocolate Candy Crunch

  • Peanut Butter Candy Crunch

Here’s how they tasted! 

Chocolate Candy Crunch

Chocolate Candy Crunch is a much larger version of Detour’s Lean Muscle Bites, If you like the bites, you will LOVE the new full size bars. The bar is soft and chewy from the oats with a decadent chocolate bottom. And not to mention LOADED with mini M&M candies on top, which not only adds a little texture but also provides an extra chocolatey flavor.


Peanut Butter Candy Crunch

You cannot go wrong with a bar focused on peanut butter and chocolate. Peanut Butter Candy Crunch has a subtle peanut butter flavor, the signature chewy oatmeal texture and tons of mini M&M’s. Peanut Butter Candy Crunch was the hands down favorite in my house. Even my husband and 10 year old nephew were huge fans. The full size bars kept them fueled for several hours during their golfing excursion.


Detour Lean Muscle Candy Crunch Bars are available exclusively through Detour’s website and Amazon.

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Have you tried Detour Lean Muscle Candy Crunch bars yet? Let me know what you think if you have!

Disclaimer: I received these products for free to sample and review for my blog. I was not paid for my review and all opinions are my own.

2 Responses to Detour Lean Muscle Candy Crunch Bar Review

  1. Glad to hear these bars were winners! If they pass the Tyler test, they are a win! I’ve et yet tried them but they look and sound good!

  2. These bars remind me SLIGHTLY again of those Kudos bars of the past, haha. I’VE MISSED YOUR POSTS! 🙂 xo

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