Review: Pinnertest Part One – Taking the Test

Happy Friday friends! Today’s blog topic is a little different than usual. Instead of talking about a healthy recipe or new food find, we’re going to discuss food intolerances. If you saw my most recent post on my Instagram, you’ll see that I recently came across Pinnertest. I will be sharing my personal experience along with the test results in a series of blog posts.

To give you some quick background, I have been dealing with some skin and gut issues since December of last year.  By March, the condition with my face escalated from overall redness to redness with lots of little bumps. It actually had some similarities to the condition called rosacea.

In March, I went to see an allergy doctor to find out if perhaps I may have some food allergies. They ran a panel for grains, dairy, eggs,nuts and even celiac disease. Several blood tests and skin pricks later, absolutely nothing showed up. Needless to say, I was pretty frustrated. Was it food related or am I just getting bad skin later in life? I came to the conclusion that there might be something going on in my diet.

Unsure of where to go next, I decided to look into Pinnertest. After doing some research, I spoke with Pinnertest about their at-home kit and asked if they’d like to work together so I could share my experience with you.


What is Pinnertest?

Pinnertest is a simple in-home, next generation blood test that identifies a patient’s individual food intolerances. Unlike a food allergy, which typically has an immediate or serious response, food intolerances are often more difficult to identify. Using ultra-modern microarray biotechnology, Pinnertest can properly diagnose both temporary and permanent food intolerances. This simple in-home blood test checks for sensitivities to 200 common foods and ranks them on a scale of 1-3, with one being a low intolerance and a 3 being high. 

This week I took the Pinnertest for myself, and the whole process couldn’t have been easier.

Within 2-3 days, the kit arrived in the mail along with an information sheet, test, instructions, and a prepaid return envelope to send your blood sample back.    

Pinnertest gives you clear step by step directions which makes the process so effortless!

The kit comes with two finger pricks(just in case you need a backup one), a sterile alcohol swab to clean off your finger, the collection pad and also a band aid. You simply twist off the green cap, place the needle directly on top of your finger tip and firmly press the large green button. I have to admit, I was a little scared to prick my finger! Allow your blood to drop onto the collection pad. Just 2-3 drops of your blood will be enough. Next, clean your finger and adhere the band-aid. That was it! So quick and painless!

Lastly, fold up the collection pad, fill out the information form, and place both items in the pre-paid return envelope. The process took under 3 minutes and I didn’t even need to leave my house, drive to any appointments or have an absurd amount of blood drawn at a lab.

All I had to do was drop the envelope into my USPS box and off it went! Pinnertest will email you within 7-10 days a PDF with your results.

I have to admit, I’m nervous but also excited to see what the test results show. Keeping my fingers crossed that some of my favorite foods like nut butters, dairy or salmon do not show up!

Find out more about Pinnertest on their website. If you’d like to order a Pinnertest, I have a special coupon code that I can share with you. Use the discount code “WENDY” at checkout to save $60 off the cost of your kit.

Stay tuned for part two, as I will be sharing all of my results once I get them back!

Do you suffer from any food intolerances? Have you used Pinnertest before? Please share – I would love to hear from you?

A complimentary Pinnertest was given in exchange for a review. I was not compensated for this post.

5 Responses to Review: Pinnertest Part One – Taking the Test

  1. I cut out gluten, since it was causing severe Crohn’s Disease flare-ups. I guess that counts as a food intolerance, haha. Sending you good health vibes and hopes that you won’t have to eliminate any favorite foods!! Here’s to healing and wellness, and I look forward to seeing your results XOXO

    • Hey Liz! Thank you for the positive vibes! I cannot wait to get my full report!Your lucky you figured out that gluten would be a trigger for your Crohn’s disease. And yes, that counts as an intolerance in my mind! Have a great weekend dear friend! xo

  2. Sounds interesting Wendy. I’ve never heard of this company. I hope you get results that help clear up your concerns & that’s it not too hard to make the changes. I’m not surprised that your “doctor” found no problems. I’ve been through the same. It was ridiculous! I know what happens to me when I eat dairy but the test showed no intolerance.

    • Hi Connie! It’s definitely a new company for me too. Thank you- I certainly hope I get some answers especially since my allergy tested showed absolutely nothing. Have a great weekend! xo

  3. As you know Wendy, I am super interested in this!!! I have had tummy issues for years with certain foods & the older I get, it seems things keep changing. Definitely can’t wait to hear more!!!!! Can’t afford now as you know but very curious!!!

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