What I Ate Wednesday – Butternut Squash Tater Tots

Happy Wednesday friends! Sometimes I just want to eat food that makes me feel like a kid again! One food that reminds me of my childhood is tater tots. You know, the frozen kind they served with your school lunches. Bring back memories of those tots with this healthy new twist -for Butternut Squash Tater Tots! These are a much healthier alternative to traditional tots. Plus, it’s a great way to get an extra dose of veggies into your diet. With just a handful of ingredients, these could not be easier to make!

But first, let’s take a quick peek at my some of my eats from last week!


My breakfast was so figgin delicious! No pun intended! I absolutely love when I can find fresh figs at the grocery store. Perfect topping to pair with my Chocolate Chip KNOW Foods waffle.


Morning Snack

Lately, I’ve been snacking on my favorite Blueberry Pie Fuel Bar since they have such a clean ingredient list and contain ZERO soy. Blueberry Pie is the next best thing to a bakery fresh blueberry muffin! You will find this flavor along with the Apple Pie in my bag these days!

Butternut Squash Tater Tots! Crispy on the outside, soft on the inside! The ultimate in mini comfort food! You’ll want to inhale the whole batch!

Butternut Squash Tater Tots, what i ate wednesday

With some leftover baked butternut squash to use up, these were super easy to make! Instead of using breadcrumbs as my binder, almond meal and oat bran make a much healthier substitution.

Serve these alongside sandwiches, burgers or on their own as a snack. I only made a small batch, but if you’ve got a lot of hungry mouths to feed, you’ll probably want to double the recipe. Serve with your favorite dipping sauce and enjoy!

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Butternut Squash Tater Tots
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 18-20 tots
  • 1½ cups butternut squash, cooked and mashed
  • 2 TBS almond meal
  • 2 TBS oat bran
  • ¼ tsp. oregano
  • salt and pepper to taste
  1. Preheat the oven to 400 degrees.
  2. In a medium sized bowl, stir together the cooked squash, almond meal, oat bran and oregano.
  3. The mixture should be slightly sticky but dry enough to shape and handle.
  4. If the mixture is too wet, add more oat bran one tablespoon at a time.
  5. Take a heaping tablespoon of the mixture and use your hands to form it into a tot.
  6. Place the tot on the prepared baking sheet, and repeat to use all the mixture.
  7. Bake until the tots are golden brown.
  8. Allow them to cool for 5 minutes before serving.


The hubby and I had a lunch date at a local seafood restaurant called Hieronymus Seafood. They happened to have Red Drum on the lunch menu. North Carolina is know for Red Drum so I was anxious to try it. It was very mild in flavor and reminded me of red snapper. This was good; however I prefer a thicker, meatier type of fish. I have to give major kudos to both the server and chef. They listened very attentively as I explained my food intolerances and requested no onion, garlic or lemon in the preparation of my dish. Overall, a great food experience!



Repeat offender and I’m not even mad about it! After last week’s Smart Cake photo shoot, I still had two scoops left in my Enlightened Pina Colada pint. So sad all of my Enlightened ice cream is now gone. I printed out and turned in store request forms with both my local Loews Foods and Walmart with hopes they will start carrying the pints in addition to the bars. Fingers crossed my prayers get answered!

That’s it for this week’s roundup! See you back here on Friday!

Did you eat tater tots growing up? What childhood food do you still enjoy eating as an adult? Please share – I would love to hear from you!

2 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday – Butternut Squash Tater Tots

  1. Love your breakfast, snack, dinner (sorry about the fish size/type though), dessert (yay, ice cream!); and I ESPECIALLY love your tater tots recipe – so awesome that you used butternut squash! I used to eat sweet potato tots all the time 🙂 Happy Wednesday, dear Wendy! xo

    • Hey Liz! I definitely had fun making these butternut squash tots!Look for more recipes like this one coming soon! Maybe even using sweet potato! xo

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