What I Ate Wednesday- Layne Norton Weekend Recap

Happy Wednesday! I’m still coming off my high from attending Layne Norton’s VIP weekend over a week ago. The ticket was a Christmas gift to myself back in early December when the event went on sale. For someone just getting started into power lifting late last year, this was the perfect opportunity for me to learn from the best in the industry.

In this week’s, WIAW I’m sharing a recap of the Layne Norton VIP weekend!

LAYNE NORTON , meet and greetThe Mass Weekend Event took place from Friday, April 22nd to Sunday, April 24th in Tyson’s Corner Virginia. Only a limited number of tickets were sold for the VIP event because Layne wanted to make sure that all the attendees had the same opportunity to train and benefit from his experience. At his day camp, you learn the most cutting edge training techniques and form tweaks to take your training to a new level of safety, efficiency, and effectiveness. The event kicked off with a VIP meet and greet on Friday night. If you cannot tell from this picture I was quite excited to be sitting right next to Layne!

Breakfast: I ate breakfast both mornings in the hotel. I ordered a cheese and veggie omelet with pancakes. I asked for extra veggies but they ended up taking them from the omelet and adding them on the side.

Layne Norton, breakfast







I spent some time walking through the expo Saturday morning.  The expo itself was very small and mainly vendors selling gym clothing and protein powders. I was able to pick up a container of the MTS Coconut Chocolate Cookie protein powder. This flavor is now unfortunately all sold out. I heard most of their flavors are pretty good. I had a chance to sample the Creamy Red Velvet Cake and it was quite good!

Lunch: This was my lunch on Saturday – again from the hotel restaurant. I went with a Grilled Salmon salad with strawberry balsamic dressing. I ate this while I was in the 1st of the 2 seminars that afternoon.

Layne Norton, salmon salad








My afternoon consisted of two seminars. One was on Practical Periodization and the other on The Body Composition Hierarchy. Each seminar lasted about an hour and a half so you had plenty of opportunity to ask questions.

The lecture I was most looking forward to was the seminar on Practical Periodization. I learned the basics of different forms of periodization and how to implement them into my training in order to maximize my gains. I learned a lot of new terminology that afternoon and definitely have a different perspective on my training.

The Body Composition Hierarchy. The background around this was to gain a better understanding of the most important things that affect gaining muscle and losing fat and learn what things you are worrying about that actually aren’t that big of a deal.

Dinner: That evening we drove into Arlington Virginia to meet up with my lovely friend Sara! She and I met through her blog almost 3 years ago!  It was definitely finally time to meet in person! She picked out the place for dinner and it was truly exceptional! If you haven’t noticed by now, I have a trend going with salmon! We finished off the evening with a bit of shopping at Lululemon of course!

Layne Norton weekend, dinner

Layne Norton, Salmon Dinner















Layne Norton, Wink Cake BatterI picked up this Wink Frozen Dessert in Cake Batter flavor at the local Whole Foods. In comparison to the Iced Latte I tried before, this was definitely a much better flavor choice. In my opinion, they are way too icey and more like a sorbet. Would I purchase it again? Most likely not. I would much rather spend $5.00 on a pint of Arctic Zero.





Layne Norton Training Camp- Tyson’s Playground

layne norton, restrictive blood flow

Here is a shot of Layne explaining restrictive Blood Flow Restriction training. I actually volunteered to do this and man is it tough. Since I am definitely not qualified to describe this training, here is a link to Layne’s website that explains the premise behind BFR.





Layne Norton, Tyson's Playground Some of the guys from the group chalking up and getting ready to learn squat techniques!







Squats was the first training that we went through as a group. In this photo, I am getting critiqued by Layne and a few of my new friends from the camp. My squat can certainly use some help. I struggle in the worst way with my squat depth. I’ve dumped my ego at the door and significantly dropped the weight in an effort to improve my squat depth.  I have been incorporating a lot more stretching and foam rolling as well as deep tissue massages. So far, it is helping! If you have any tips, be sure to leave them at the end of my blog! I’m open to any suggestions!



Lunch: Layne took the group to a nearby lunch spot. I had a grilled chicken kebab with a side salad.

Layne Norton, Lunch








Layne Norton, Tyson's PlaygroundOverall, I found the camp to be highly beneficial. A couple key learning points and takeaways from the event were that I have some work to do on my squat and bench form. Not that my form is bad, but some tweaks were suggested to make it even better! I also learned to get out of my comfort zone and ditched my Versa Gripps when it came time to dead lift that afternoon. I know if I want to eventually compete in a power lifting meet, the lifts are all raw.



Layne Norton, tyson's playgroundI’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to meet a lot of awesome people as well as see first hand a power lifting competitions live for the first time! Seeing a competition in person really gave me the itch to compete! The power lifting community is so supportive! When each competitor comes to the platform to complete their lift, the energy from the crowd is amazing. It’s quite the experience I will never forget!


Dinner: Last dinner before heading out of town! Yep, you guessed it, more salmon. Unfortunately, this was not one of my favorite meals, as the fish was on the dry side and the rice had zero flavor.









That’s it for this week’s WIAW, see you back here on Friday!

Have you ever attended any type of training or fitness camps before? Do you plan your meals while on the road or eat intuitively? Please share- I would love to hear from you!


4 Responses to What I Ate Wednesday- Layne Norton Weekend Recap

  1. Wow, what a fabulous experience! I really enjoy watching/listening to Layne Norton’s YouTube videos (especially on IIFYM, reverse dieting, etc.), so it’s definitely awesome reading about your experience at his training camp. It’s good that he made it an exclusive VIP event – that way you really got the most out of the camp experience (and I’m glad that it sounds like he was as informative and nice in person as he seems through his videos/blog). So exciting that you want to compete in the future as well! No doubt you’ll be ready and keep getting more comfortable with the squats and other exercises. And hooray for salmon (except for the dry one – boo). Also great that you got to meet a blog friend in real life! 🙂 As for traveling – I definitely plan my meals and pack snacks accordingly (I never leave town without my hot pink 6-pack cooler bag, haha). Better to be prepared than stuck with nothing or getting sick. Thank you so much for sharing the camp experience! Happy Wednesday XO

    • Hi Liz! It was quite the experience that I will never forget. He is one of the most down to earth people that I’ve met in the industry. I definitely have some goals but no dates or a competition planned yet. I’ll know when I’m ready! I totally agree with taking snacks for trips! I always come prepared! Happy Friday eve!

  2. Wendy, it is so cool that you got to go to this!!!!! How fun!!!! I have never been to anything like this even in my bodybuilding days although I did get some sessions one on one with a bodybuilder.

    • Hi Jody! I have to admit that was the best Xmas present I could have given myself. Besides the training opportunity, it was nice to see a powerlifting competition live. It definitely gives me something to think about. It would be so unnerving to get all red lights versus white!

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